About Volunteer Adventures

Volunteering has recently seen something of a revival in it’s popularity, and rightly so, there are so many benefits to be gained from giving your time and energies to others. Gap year travel or Christian volunteering adventures overseas on a career break makes the whole experience even more rewarding for you on many levels. You gain new insights to different cultures, learn new languages, and make some amazing new friends on your travels.

Our Mission


Our mission is to empower global communities and be the organisation of choice for all ethical travel and adventure.


Agapé Adventures is an ethical organisation, with 100% profit returning to those in need. We are not profit driven. Our primary focus is the development and growth of individuals, projects and communities through voluntary service and international travel.

We provide career breaks, gap years, retirement breaks and expeditions for the benefit and advancement of education and global citizenship, including but not restricted to; training, education, humanitarian relief, sustainable community development, animal welfare and environmental protection.

Our Ethos


We strive to ensure we build an organisation around 3 key principles: Spirit, Service & Adventure



Agapé Adventures believe that overseas travel deepens an individual’s understanding of their place in this world & encourages a greater appreciation of both our cultural uniqueness and global unity.

We believe that using experiences of travel to support communities in need & the natural environment, enhances both a personal and global sense of responsibility and care for others. By sharing our ideas, fresh perspectives and energy with those around us we encourage growth, learning and development on many levels.                                                                                                                                                         


Who are Agapé Volunteers?

Agapé volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds, culturally and economically. The minimum age for volunteers applying is 18, there is no real upper age-limit, to us motivation is far more important than the age bracket you fit into. So, if someone has a heart to serve, time to give & a desire to help others, then they can apply!

Volunteers have many different reasons for wanting to serve: some are taking time out before, during or after higher education; some are pursuing a particular calling; some are looking to explore their options before choosing a vocation to follow, others have retired and want to use their experience and skills for the benefit of those outside their own community.

Agapé Adventures does not require its volunteers to have any specific qualifications (apart from selected internship roles), and the opportunity to serve in this way is open to everyone.

Who are our projects?

Agapé has built up over the years a network of high calibre partner projects with whom we now work. These projects are specially selected by Agapé staff, to ensure they meet good practice standards set out by a wide variety of professional standard bodies such as Comhlamh, Dochas, BSI & European Commission.

The projects we work with around the world are all checked by Agapé to ensure their motivations, work, ethos and accomodation all adhere to the standards set. These projects vary greatly in their nature, from homeless support charities, independent living facilities for the disabled, to sports & outdoor activity centres, and many many more. We work closely with the project while they host our volunteers in order to ensure that both volunteer and project alike have a positive and rewarding experience.

Sustainable Volunteering

The projects we work with all over the world, for all their differences, have one key thing in common - their focus is local community. This is important to us, and ultimately means you can have confidence in knowing that when you give your time to them, you will be contributing to a work that will last for years to come.

All of our projects are run by local citizens, and have existed in most cases for many years. The time you spend with each project provides a huge bonus to their work. You are not taking any opportunities away from local people, this is not job substitution, but the provision of additional support and energy to worthwhile local projects. Our programme adheres to the standards of practice outlined by Comhlámh, and all volunteers are required to sign up to the Comhlámh Volunteer Charter which outlines guides on what you as a volunteer can do to best serve your project. A copy of the charter can be downloaded here: http://www.volunteeringoptions.org/WhatWeDo/VolunteerCharter/tabid/74/Default.aspx

Our Foundation Stones

Agapé Adventures is founded through Christian faith by Christian directors. We work with a number of Christian projects around the world, though not exclusively.
Our volunteers & staff are from many different faith backgrounds and none. We support all volunteers through our projects regardless of their faith or beliefs.
We believe that each person has unique talents, gifts and insights which can be used in amazing ways to support & inspire communities around the world & we love to see change in action. 
Our very name “Agapé” is taken from the Greek language and means unconditional love for others, and this is the cornerstone of what we aim to achieve – to see people giving & sharing their lives with each other in order to encourage & grow as individuals & as a global community.