KENYA: Rural School Development


Adventure Overview:

  • 2 Weeks
  • 1 Month
  • 2 months

Being there at the start of a new project is a fascinating and thrilling experience and it's something we want you to be part of!

Agape Accademy is a brand new school that has been built for children in a rural area not far from Nairobi. We are looking for people from all over the world to join us in laying down the foundations of this fantastic facility that will go on to educate many of the children in the surrounding area for years to come.

The project director from our school programme in Kibera is looking to bring the same enthusiasm and passion for learning to his home region as he has seen develop within Kibera. He knows first hand the struggles these children face and it is through his family's determination that this new venture will take shape. 

In the rural areas of Kenya many children are forced to drop out of education because of unemployment, poverty and the death of parents at a young age. These children so often miss out on enjoying the freedom and joys of their childhood as they end up taking on roles and responsibilities beyond their age. We are keen to help prevent that from happening and instead restore to them their full childhood, providing affordable education, sports, nutritious meals, fun and laughter. 

The main structure of the building is now ready and the children are so eager classes have already begun! What we need now are willing hands and open hearts to help us to grow this little acorn into a mighty oak that will sustain the local families for years to come, providing safety, education, fun, friendships and opportunities. 

We need people to help the teachers provide basic education to primary school children, these classes include literacy, numeracy, sports, science, geography and art. So what ever your talent we can put it to great use in this fantastic project. We also need practical help in getting the school to a point where it is safe and colourful, so if you have skills in construction, painting and decorating, landscaping or any other labour based skills please consider joining us this year. 

This is a project we are proud and very excited to be part of and it is an opportunity for you to be part of something that is just beginning, a chance to join a sustainable work in a place of great need. 

Cost Breakdown:
1 week€440
2 weeks€520
1 month€1040
6 weeks€1390
2 months€1715

6 months


Team Trip €720 for 2 weeks. This includes: Accommodation; Food; Training; 24/7 Support; Team Equipment; Airport Collection / Drop off & more.

Additional option for full day's safari in Nairobi National Park: €100

What is Included?

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • 24 / 7 Support
  • Training
  • Information Pack
  • Accommodation: During your time here you will stay with a local family experiencing the warmth of Kenyan hospitality. You may have your own room or you might be sharing with one or two other volunteers. The house has modern facilities but electricity is not always reliable in the area. We recommend you bring a good book for the times when the electricity goes down. It would also be great if you can have some stories, songs or games to share with the rest of the family for the evening times when we get together to relax and unwind.
  • Food: All meals will be provided for you during your stay. Food will be local & simple meals. You may get involved in helping to prepare the meals - learn some genuine African cooking skills!
  • Training: All volunteers setting out on an adventure with us receive pre-departure training to help you prepare for the experience ahead. This training covers all the areas you need to think about before you pack your bags. It gives you time to focus and prioritise, and provides you with the knowledge and information you need in order to have a safe, fulfilling and enjoyable adventure. On arrival at your project you will also receive orientation training which will help you to better understand the local culture and support you as you find your way around this new country. On your return we will also support you as you readapt to life back home. We encourage you to keep in contact with us and consider opportunities for you to stay connected to the work you have been part of with Agapé. In addition to all of this training you will also receive a comprehensive welcome pack full of useful information on your project, the country and the culture, as well as detailed safety and communication lists.
  • Support: Agapé Adventures respects that each person is unique, and thus has different needs, and we endeavour to meet those genuine needs as effectively as we can. All volunteers are supported by Agapé every step of the way. You will be allocated a line manager to assist you in the day to day aspects of your adventure and staff at Agapé’s main base who will be available 24/7 for any out of hours emergencies. All staff involved in supporting you, work together to provide coordinated, personal and professional support throughout your adventure. 
  • Adventure Package: To come to Kenya and not experience the amazing wildlife would be a great shame. As a team we will decide between day adventures, either: A day's game drive in the Nairobi National Park where we will see Lions, Rhino's, Elephants and more; Or a day visiting the local Giraffe & Elephant Sanctuaries. These day trips are not covered by the programme fee but will cost no more than €100 depending on the size of the team. 
  • Airport Collection & Drop Off:  When you land into Kenya you will be met by the local staff and travel together to your accommodation. We hope that either on the way to or on the way home you will have opportunity to spend a nught in Kibera so that you can see first hand the great work that has grown already & meet some of the wonderful children whose lives have been impacted by this great project. 

What Isn't Included

  • Adventure Package
  • Stipend
  • Visa
  • Flights
  • Insurance

What will I do?:

We are looking for people to assist with both education and practical needs. Whatever your background and skill we can use your time to really help the community here. You will be joining the local teachers and volunteers who have made such a fantastic facility become a reality. They believe in the future of their children, will you help us as we join them in this endeavour. 

You can assist with teaching - even if you have no teaching experience, we will provide you with lesson plans, ideas and games that you can use. Any teachers are warmly welcomed to bring their experience and knowledge to the school to help develop the teacher's knowledge further. This is a chance to get back to the basics of teaching - away from whiteboards and lap tops and back to the joy of learning using the things around you to inspire young minds! 

On a practical level you will also assist us with basic maintenance and building work such as painting, plastering, plumbing and gardening. We would love to make this a school which teaches life skills too - so anyone with practical knowledge such as gardening, sewing, nutrition etc we would love you to join us and help create new innitiatives for the children and adults alike. 

We will also need people to help with the general construction as guided by the local experts - so if you can lift a bucket you are of great value! 

This is a wonderful opportunity to see the real Kenya away from the tourist traps and commercial buildings. Rural Africa is beautiful, it is peaceful and it is inspiring. Whilst we will work hard in the day you will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy this amazing landscape. 

The Local Area

Rural Kenya is beautiful, anyone who has ever had the fortune to travel through Africa will tell you the same. It is unspoilt, peaceful & in places can be very lush with vegetation. 

The area is located about 55km outside of Nairobi, it is an area known particularly for its coffee crops. Many of the local communities work in the plantations or sell food they produce in their small farms. The needs of the local families lie mainly in the lack of education provided for their children. We aim to help change that and build a school that is affordable and within close walking distance to help provide a brighter future. 



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