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Adventure Overview:

  • 2 weeks
  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 1 Year

Come and spend some time in this wonderful therapeutic community based farm - a wonderful place to stay and develop your skills whilst helping to support those in need. Deep in the beautiful English countryside you will join a wonderful team of people who have dedicated their time and energy not only iwc replica to the running of a great British farm, but also to the support of those struggling to break free from addictions, self-harm & depression. This farm is a place of new beginnings, new opportunities and the start of many new stories.  

This is a working farm with lots going on and a fantastic track record. The team work together to create a united and supportive environment where clients feel valued, respected and supported. Each person, be they client or staff, assists in the day to day running of the farm, everyone helps in whatever capacity they can with whatever skills they can offer. 

The team operate a three-phase therapeutic skills training programme, including detox, relapse prevention training, various therapies, and help with resettlement back into society. The course also includes work therapy & skills training in various areas such as the farm, dairy, catering, administration & IT C, building & maintenance, & basic skills, etc. 85% of people who complete the programme remain drug free, in employment and with a healthy support network when reviewed 1 and 2 years after they leave. 

There's always plenty going on and a wealth of animals to help out with if that is your area of interest - including horses, cows, chickens and pigs. You can build on existing farming experience or knowledge if you have - learning how the work of the farm impacts those who join as clients. If you were competent enough there would be scope for you to assist in teaching the clients. If you don't have any previous experience don't worry - this is a great time to start learning! Offering your time, energy and enthusiasm is a great way to get involved and learn. 

Please note this is a Christian project - you do not need to have a Christian faith in order to join the programme but we do ask that you are sympathetic & respectful of the beliefs of others. The Christian aspect has a positive effect on the environment, and opportunity to be involved in morning devotional times, group discussion & therapy, & community church meetings. Whilst “being a Christian” is not a requirement, the community ethos is based on Christian principles.

Cost Breakdown: 

2 weeks: €400

1 month: €500

2 months: €600

3 months: €700

4 months: €800

6 months: €900

1 year: €1200

What is Included?

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • 24 / 7 Support
  • Training
  • Information Pack
  • Accommodation: You will have either a single room, or in some cases you might share a bedroom with one other person. There is a new purpose built accommodation block that is very comfortable.
  • Food: All meals are provided throughout your stay giving you nutritious and very yummy food to keep your energy up! 
  • Training: All volunteers setting out on an adventure with us receive pre-departure training to help you prepare for the experience ahead. This training covers all the areas you need to think about before you pack your bags. It gives you time to focus and prioritise, and provides you with the knowledge and information you need in order to have a safe, fulfilling and enjoyable adventure. On arrival at your project you will also receive orientation training which will help you to better understand the local culture and support you as you find your way around this new country. On your return we will also support you as you readapt to life back home. We encourage you to keep in contact with us and consider opportunities for you to stay connected to the work you have been part of with Agapé. In addition to all of this training you will also receive a comprehensive welcome pack full of useful information on your project, the country and the culture, as well as detailed safety and communication lists.
  • Support: Agapé Adventures respects that each person is unique, and thus has different needs, and we endeavour to meet those genuine needs as effectively as we can. All volunteers are supported by Agapé every step of the way. You will be allocated a line manager to assist you in the day to day aspects of your adventure and staff at Agapé’s main base who will be available 24/7 for any out of hour’s emergencies. All staff involved in supporting you, work together to provide coordinated, personal and professional support throughout your adventure.

What Isn't Included

  • Adventure Package
  • Stipend
  • Visa
  • Flights
  • Insurance

What will I do?:

The staff, volunteers and clients work together in the day to day running of the farm, living and working in community. Community members share work in various departments - on the farm, in administration, catering, maintenance, building, mechanics, etc.

The areas of work you can assist with include: 

Building repairs - painting, plastering, carpentry, basic roof laying etc

Gardening - landscaping, general upkeep of the grounds and vegetable gardening 

Animal care - assist with milking, feeding, calving, cleaning etc. 

Horsemanship - helping with the day to day care of the horses, carts etc. 

Horticulture - there is a desire to set up a therapeutic horticultural unit, to increase opportunities for the clients to learn skills that they might take into their future career and home-lives. If you skills in horticulture it would be a great bonus to the development of this area of work. 

There is also scope to help on other areas of the project such as administration or client support etc. For those wishing to assist specifically with client therapy a formal qualification and experience would be required. 

The Local Area

This wonderful project is based in the beauty of Devon - one of England's most popular tourist destinations. The countryside remains untouched and full of life and this is one of the few parts of the UK that seems to attract the most sun when it does decide to appear. Not to mention the infamous Devonshire clotted cream teas - a little bit of heaven on a plate! 

The closest train station is Exeter and when you first arrive a member of staff will meet you at the station and bring you back to the project base where you can unpack and relax. 



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