Standards of Good Practice

Agapé Adventures takes volunteering seriously. We are passionate about providing quality volunteering experiences overseas that not only inspire and encourage the volunteer but also respect and enhance the work of our project partners. We believe that good, safe and respectful volunteering can make a huge impact both in international communities, development work, education and conservation and as such as therefore work in connection with a number of organisations who set the standards for overseas volunteering organisations like us.

Two of the key standards we adhere to are the Comhlamh Code of Good Practice and Dochas code of conduct on images and messages.

Comhlamh Code of Good Practice

The Comhlamh Code of Good Practice is a set of standards for organisations involved in facilitating international volunteer placements in the global south. 

The focus is of the CoGP to ensure overseas volunteering has a positive impact for the three main stakeholders: the volunteer, the sending agency and the local project and community. The CoGP has been recognised as international best practice. Organisations that are signatories to the code have shown a commitment to 11 principles of an effective international volunteering and are working towards implementing these principles in their programmes. You can read more about the code here:

Dochas Code of Conduct on images and messages

The Dochas Code offers a set of guidelines to assist organisations in their decision-making about which images and messages to choose in their communication while maintaining full respect for human dignity.

By signing the Code, Development NGOs commit to a set of principles, ensuring that they will avoid stereotypical or sensational images. The adoption of the Code means that aid agencies will choose images and messages that represent the full complexity of the situations in which they work, and that they will seek the permission of the people portrayed in the photos they use.

You can watch a video and find out more about the code here

If you feel we are not adhering to either of the Codes please contact us or