Gap Year Asia

Are you excited by in the chance to spend time on a gap year in Asia? 

Well away from the tourist resorts of Asia, Agapé Adventures have a host of projects for you to join in with communities in India, Nepal and Thailand.  Your gap year Asian style promises to be an inspiring experience for you and those with whom you are working. Does this interest you? Well, here’s a taste of what we offer:

Leprosy and medical support in India on a gap year Asia

In this unique project we are looking for those with some medical knowledge and experience - be it that you are studying medicine or a practicing doctor or nurse. Here your skills will join those of a dedicated team during your gap year which will be specially focussed on meeting the needs of those who are among ‘the lowest of the low’ - people who live on the edge of society and are suffering from Leprosy and AIDS / HIV.  Your gap year in Asia will be spent helping those who are in greatest need as due to their status in society as Dalits (the lowest caste). These people, who are those ignored in the social order, are unable to access medical care in this part of Asia. Due to institutional discrimination, even if they had funds for treatment, many doctors would refuse to treat them. We want you to help the team send out a different message by helping to provide medical support, food and company, to help them to know that they matter; they are not invisible.

Everest Base Camp

It's a thoroughly exiting experience spending part of your gap year Asia in Nepal!  At the Everest Base Camp Expedition you can step out of the ordinary and achieve something amazing!

If you are looking for a real challenge on your gap year Asia will provide it!  Perhaps you want to achieve a lifetime dream of being on Everest? Then a trip to what the Nepalese call ‘the Sky Head’ is just the right expedition for you!   A professional team of expedition leaders aided by Sherpa porters, local guides and Yaks will guide you through lush valleys with abundant flowers and animal life, past friendly villages and Buddhist monasteries above the treeline towards the highest mountains on Earth.  This gap year Asian challenge will prove to yourself about what you can achieve when you don’t let life hold you back.

Teaching and Pastoral Care in Thailand

If you’ve always wanted to visit Thailand, teaching and pastoral care might be just up your street - here’s the chance to change your life! Seize this amazing prospect to live and absorb life in Thailand, gaining first-class teaching experience and exploring all that this enchanting country has to offer.   For anyone who has ever dreamt of living abroad and enjoying sunshine, white beaches, living amongst some of the world’s most hospitable people and absorbing an enchanting new culture then Thailand holds the key to unlocking this amazing new life for you.

If you’re looking for opportunities like this a gap year Asia can provide you with a fantastic experience of life and education in a completely new context. Working alongside dedicated staff and helping to inspire eager students, you will find that your time in this amazing country is filled with warmth and beauty in more ways than one.

Get off the beaten track and choose somewhere in Asia for your gap year. It is guaranteed to change your life!