Sport has a unique power to unite people, it can be a force for amazing change and a driving force behind community intergration. It can bring excitement, joy and passion into lives which are full of challenge and heartache. Being involved in sports is not only good for the physical heart, it's great for the heart of compassion too, and by joining our sports volunteering projects you can show your compassion for communities in need in very practical ways. 

We have a huge range of opportunities both here in Ireland and right across to the shores of Peru...with many other countries along the way! You could Surf for change - helping to encourage street kids in Mexico and Peru to engage with education; Coach Basketball or Rugby in the heart of Dublin for children from deprived estates and young people at risk of offending - giving them new hope and a sense of belonging; Coordinate a soccer programme in Bolivia for homeless young people bringing them off the streets and into community and these are just some of the opportunities we have for you! 

Join us for two weeks, a few months or longer - it's entirely up to you. You don't have to be professional to get involved, all you need is a heart of compassion, boundless energy to keep up with the kids and a desire for adventure! 

Use your career break to assist in this wonderful project, based in the heart of one of Kenya�s poorest communities, works hard to provide support, education, fun and encouragement for children of the slums. Volunteer in Africa with a team dedicated to bringing joy and hope to these young lives.

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Volunteer in Bolivia & join a team that are impacting their local community in amazing ways. Use your career break to provide education, support, sports & health education on the streets of Bolivia. A wonderful inspiring project waiting for you!

Price: €1,053 Find Out More

Gain a wealth of experience & recognised instructor qualifications by spending a year with a fantastic team in our UK outdoor activity & sports centres

Price: €1,575 Find Out More

Bask in the beauty of the island of Malta, whilst helping to support one of the most innovative and forward thinking therapy centres around – a fantastic way to use your time & gain experience.

Price: €1,805 Find Out More

Living in the heart of a Big 5 Game Reserve surrounded by rural communities in need spread over a wide area, with many children and young adults lacking education and support. Join us here and you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge, skills and experiences with young people in the Zulu heartland.

Price: €1,090 Find Out More

Based in the impressive setting of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is an amazing opportunity for you to interact with and educate AIDS orphans in Orphan Day Care Centres in South Africa. You will work to help promote an established HIV/AIDS awareness programme, as well as having opportunities to assist with local farming.

Price: €1,100 Find Out More

Join us on this well deserving project and provide teaching assistance in under-resourced schools, and make a positive impact on the lives of local children, assist with a wide range of Community projects, such as building, adult literacy clubs and supporting the Old People�s Home.

Price: €960 Find Out More

If you are looking for a real challenge and a chance to maybe acheive a lifetime dream then this is the perfect expedition for you!

Price: €3,200 Find Out More

Soak up the vibrant atmosphere of Rio whilst providing vital education support for young people in one of Rio's largest Favella communities. Join an ongoing educational project that enables young people and adults to learn English , Maths, Literacy, IT skills & more

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