Why choose Agapé Adventures?

With so many countries to visit, so many organisations calling out for help, why should you choose Agapé?

We believe that Agapé stands tall in our sector, providing far more than just a glorified holiday which some organisations offer. Instead we offer sustainable, high calibre experiences, with tailored professional support right from the point of application onwards. Read more about why we stand out from the crowd...

An Irish Organisation

Agapé is an Irish based organisation who has at it’s heart the desire to encourage and enable community organisations to thrive, and to give all people the chance to experience adventures like no other! We believe that through the process of volunteering, both projects and volunteers alike learn new skills, see the world with fresh eyes, and develop new connections which will last a lifetime.

Nationally Agapé is a signed member of Comhlamh Code of Good Practice for Volunteer Sending Organisations, and has strong relationships with other volunteer sending and hosting organisations to ensure that we mutually adhere to best practice in all of our work.

We particularly aim to encourage Irish organisations and Irish citizens to engage in the volunteering process both on a local, national and international basis, and to unlock the potential that lies within.

Supporting you all the way

Wherever you choose to travel with Agapé you can rest assured knowing that you have professional and experienced support all around you. Within your project you will have an allocated line manager who will deal with all the day-to-day issues like your accommodation, your finances and your work plan. We then have experienced project staff who are available to provide support, training and pastoral care. We are here 24 / 7 to ensure you have all that you need to make sure your experience is safe, rewarding and exciting!

Agapé is structured in such a way to support both volunteers and projects throughout the period of service. For volunteers we work to ensure your safety & security as far as is possible, without infringing on your individual adventure. For project staff we provide support, mediation and advice to ensure that their experience of hosting volunteers is a happy and productive one.

Equipping you for service

We pride ourselves on the standard of training we offer to all our full time volunteers. Before, during and after your experience, we offer a variety of training methods, which aim to focus and encourage you in your service.

Our training brings together experienced insights & knowledge of the voluntary sector, and utilises up to date project management & mentoring skills to offer support that is personal, pastoral & professional.

Sustainable Project Investment

Agapé Adventures believes passionately in the work our partner projects do and so we invest 100% of our profits back into providing practical resources and help for those projects most in need with a particular focus on those in developing countries. We aim to ensure that the work they do is not reliant and outside resources but can be built up to continue with local staff and focussed on the needs of the local community. Volunteering with Agapé Adventures is about coming alongside local staff & community members, sharing with each other, learning from each other and growing in deeper understanding of our place in the global community. 


Projects for life not just for Christmas!

From experience Agapé Adventures knows that the voluntary experience doesn’t stop when you return home. You will have spent time and given your energy into your project, learning how they operate, and adopting the same passion they have for the work. There are strong links which have now been established between you and your project, and a desire to see them go from strength to strength.

We believe that any overseas experience will have an impact on the individual in many different ways, and we work with you individually to reflect on what has been learnt and how this experience can be used in your future plans.

Furthermore, Agapé Adventures has developed a scheme which enables you to stay involved in raising funds for your projects.

The "Pay It Forward" scheme is open to all volunteers to join. Working together we focus on fundraising for our projects all over the world.

The very concept of "Pay It Forward" is to carry out acts of kindness for other people, which they could not do for themselves, and by taking part in the scheme you are 'paying it forward' to the projects and clients with whom all our volunteers are working.

We also actively invite our volunteers to stay connected after their time in project with opportunities such as joining the board of trustees for Agapé 4 Life, training to be a team leader, helping with raising awareness and also in supporting new volunteers.

What's the point of volunteering?

A famous story is told of a young man who stood by the sea as the tide went out, throwing stranded starfish back into the water. An old man walked by and asked him why he would bother to do such a thing when there were so many hundreds of starfish stranded along the beach. How, the old man asked, could he possibly make any difference. At this, the young man bent down, picked up yet another starfish, and threw it into the ocean. As it met the water, he said, "I made a difference to that one!"

Volunteering can be exciting, adventurous and thrilling, but quite often it is very humbling. You will experience first hand the overwhelming generosity of communities who may have very little, the abundant love of those who have known so much pain, and the infectious laughter of those whose lives have been touched with sadness. Through it all you will learn how amazing this world really is, and how just one person can make all the difference.

Why pay to volunteer?

We pride ourselves on providing experiences that are of a high standard right from the point of application. In an ideal world we would love to provide the same service for free, but the reality is that time costs money.

We work hard to ensure that our costs are kept as low as possible and the majority of the fee you pay comes back to you in all that you receive during your experience. Part of your fee also directly helps to support the work of projects around the world.